Sulzbach, Germany

New construction, floor and wall heating in combination with a photovoltaic roof
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General Mitre, Barcelona, Spain

Modernisation of apartments
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Adelsdorf, Germany

New construction, floor and tile floor heating 
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Barcelona, Spain

Renovation of a villa, wall heating 
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Geneva, Switzerland

Wall heating in a studio (basement)
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Malaga, Spain

Modernisation of a flat with floor heating 
malaga_12.jpg malaga_9.jpg malaga_8.jpg malaga_4.jpg

54450 Freudenburg, Germany

New construction, wall and tile floor heating

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Barcelona, Spain

Modernisation of a flat, floor and tile floor heating
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66763 Diefflen, Germany

Modernisation with floor heating 

20052010214.jpg Endbelag Verklebung Endbelag verlegt 29052010239.jpg

81925 Munich, Germany

Wall heating in replacement for old fashioned electrical storage heating systems 

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51147 Cologne, Germany

Complete heating system in 160 new constructions

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"Living at the Eltzhof"

Tile and floor heating under wooden and tiled floor coverings

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L'Armentera, Girona, Spain

New construction of a single family home

and floor heating

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Barcelona, Spain

Modernisation of a flat,

Tile and floor heating under wooden and tiled floor coverings

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Munich, Germany

Wall heating in an office
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Verbier, Switzerland

Wall heating in the bedroom, tile floor heating in the two wet rooms

verbier_1a.jpg verbier 2 verbier 3 verbier 4 verbier 5 verbier_6b.jpg verbier7 verbier 8 Verbier 10

Petit-Lancy, Geneva, Switzerland

Complete insulation and refurbishing of an office space in an older house.
Floor heating under floating wood parquet.
petitlancy0a.jpg petitlancy1.jpeg petitlancy2.jpeg petitlancy3.jpeg petitlancy4.jpeg

Châtel, France

Renovation of a holiday residence in the French mountains. Ceiling Heating in the living/kitchen area, 2 bedrooms, the entrance, WC and bathroom.

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