High energy efficiency and long-lasting technology.

Forward-looking and future-proof.

Our heating foils form relatively large heating surfaces, which evenly produce gentle radiant heat. In addition, the heating foils are located directly behind the wall/floor covering, which in turn produces an exceedingly dynamic heating performance and a very fast reaction period. Naturally, this saves time and money. The system becomes even more efficient through the user-friendly digital thermostat which, depending on usage of the room, provides programming options for comfort or saving mode, thereby automatically contributing to protect the environment. If M-Therm is then run on green electricity, one’s heating solution produces exactly 0% CO2.

A 24-volt low voltage drives the system. This low voltage ensures a completely risk-free setup. What is more, M-Therm issues a ten-year guarantee on the foils and a five-year guarantee on the control technology. That is why M-Therm is not just forward-looking, but also future-proof.