Innovative and comfortable radiant heat.

As pleasant as a sunray.

M-Therm stands for natural radiant heat, which promotes health and enhances living comfort. This technology is additionally very efficient: the ultra-thin heating foils do not store any considerable amount of heat, but release it largely into the room. The generated radiant heat is comparable to sunrays, which evenly warm up the objects that they hit.

A simple example illustrates how this surface heating works: go outside on a relatively cold day, first in the shade, next in the sun. The warmth of the sunrays is immediately noticeable and pleasant on the skin, even though the low temperature around you has not changed. It is precisely this effect that ensures that comfortable warmth and agreeable temperatures can be reached so much faster with M-Therm. By using it, health, too, is promoted: Room air remaining cool and absent dust whirls together produce an enjoyable climate, in which not just allergy sufferers will feel more comfortable.