Die neue Dimension des Heizens

M-Therm Comfort-Heating:
All-round warmth with an all-round system.

M-Therm Comfort-Heating is an entirely new way of heating. This is because the very thin heating foils can be applied as floor, wall and/or ceiling heating. The deployed foils are simply tucked away under the floating floor or the wallpaper. Conventional heating, taking up lots of space, is a thing of the past. Instead, you can enjoy dynamic radiant heat from a surround system. And through the foil material’s high energy efficiency, a very large part of the total heat is released as radiant heat.

Easy installation, comfort and health inclusive.

Electrical expertise is not required for the installation. That is why painters, drywallers, plasterers or parquet recliners can lay and install M-Therm Comfort-Heating easily. The heating runs on 24-volt low voltage technology, allowing for risk-free and direct placement of the heating foil under the wall and floor coverings.
Like sunrays, the produced radiant heat evenly warms up the objects’ surface. Thus people feel comfortably warm in room temperatures from 18 to 20°C. Dry and swirled up air so often generated by other heating methods is history: allergy sufferers can take a deep breath.

  • Easy installation
  • Flexible installation on walls, ceiling and floor
  • Highest warmth comfort
  • Secure 24-volt technology
  • Extremely high energy efficiency
  • Move beyond conventional heaters
  • Made in Germany

The heating that meets the highest standards

With M-Therm Comfort-Heating, you offer your customers a fully-fledged heater that is a cut above the rest. It is not just economical, secure, flexible and comfortable – it is also unobtrusive by virtually vanishing under the floor, behind the wallpaper or beneath the ceiling. That is also why M-Therm Comfort-Heating stands for the highest design standards and modern living.

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